Welcome to the International Conference for Research in Air Transportation

The 9th International Conference for Research in Air Transportation (ICRAT) will be held in a virtual format, in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous modes. The synchronous session will be held on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, from 9 am to 12 pm EDT. This session will be a webcast, and will feature plenary speakers and presentations from the authors of the papers that won Best Paper awards.

In lieu of live presentations, the ICRAT Doctoral Symposium will be a library of video presentations by the paper authors. These presentations will be available via the ICRAT virtual conference site on or around August 1. ICRAT participants and authors are encouraged to view videos and provide comments to the authors. As a reminder, DS authors are students in the early to mid stages of their graduate research and, as such, are seeking your feedback on their technical work as well as their presentation performance. Participation in viewing and providing feedback will be most appreciated by the authors.

Regular papers will be published on the ICRAT website (except those who have opted out for publication in an archival journal, for which abstracts will be available). Authors of regular papers are also encouraged to submit videos, to be hosted on the same platform as the Doctoral Symposium papers.

The ICRAT program committee has reviewed all of the submitted papers, and all acceptance and rejection decisions have been conveyed to the authors. The final program for ICRAT 2020 will include 55 regular papers and 15 Doctoral Symposium papers. Additional information can be found in the upcoming conference page.

ICRAT Conference Background

Following the success of its eight previous editions, ICRAT has now been established as a mainstream biennial event in Air Transport Research, alternating with the USA/Europe Air Traffic Management (ATM) Research and Development (R&D) Seminar. ICRAT is an excellent forum for young researchers within air transportation to share their work, expand their professional network, and gain new knowledge and inspiration.

The eighth edition of ICRAT held in 2018 included tutorials, technical presentations and a forum for PhD students. These students were able to present their research problems and get advice from established scientists in the field during a doctoral symposium. In addition, there were world class keynote speakers, senior researchers that sat on several panels that were able to provide constructive feedback on the papers presented during the conference.

The ICRAT has resulted in an archive of approximately 750 peer-reviewed papers and presentations, available through this web site, represents one of the most valuable and widely-used records of air traffic management research available.

Air Traffic Management (ATM) is defined in the ICAO ATM Global Concept document as "the dynamic, integrated management of air traffic and airspace - safely, economically, and efficiently - through the provision of facilities and seamless services in collaboration with all parties". ATM therefore encompasses airspace organization and management, flow and capacity management and en-route, terminal and airport air traffic control.

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